Logistic for business asssets and marketing materials in points of sale, events and exhibitions. POP Logistics & Trade Marketing.

POP Trade Marketing  Logistics

Management of structures and marketing materials for points of sale, devotes particular attention.

We codify and identificate assets of our clients, keeping track of all the materials.

In order to satisfy demands and requirements of each company, we offer our infrastructure, personnel, and vehicle fleet.



We count with two warehouses strategically located in Montevideo.

The total structure capacity is 12.000 square metres.


Stock Management

Our WMS allows clientes to access their stock on-line 24hours a day.

We create regular reports with the status of all the materials that we managed for our clients.


Picking and Shipping

We know how important it is to to have the materials available timely and in due form, for the different  stages of contact between the brand and customer.


Wrapping and Handling

We take care of preserving our client's assets, based in an adequate wrapping material and a correct handling. Each case demands a specific way of dealing with it.


Shipping, Loading and Unloading

We do the shipping, loading and unloading of materials and products, that may be necessary in an exhibition or event.


Added value Tasks

We develop tasks for campaigns, launches or promotions, such as: Assembled Kit, labelling, conditioning, wrapping and product packing.


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